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Report on Eastern Orthodoxy

Recently, some members from URCNA churches have left for Eastern Orthodox churches. The Classis Southwest U.S. (a group of thirteen URCNA churches in southwestern United States, including ours) formed a committee to identify the aspects of Eastern Orthodoxy that some URCNA members have found attractive, and to provide a Reformed response. Their findings and response are detailed in the following report:

Eastern Orthodoxy Study Committee Report (2017) (PDF, 64 pages)

Submitted by:

Rev. Adam Kaloostian (chairman)
Ontario United Reformed Church
Ontario, California

Rev. Andrew Compton (secretary)
Formerly of Christ Reformed Church
Anaheim, California

Rev. Mike Brown
Christ United Reformed Church
Santee, California

Rev. Stephen Donovan
Escondido United Reformed Church
Escondido, California

Rev. Chuck Tedrick
Calvary United Reformed Church
Loveland, Colorado